Recent works in situ

Under Construction Forever ~ continues:

I have hung a work in Kate Jago’s house. I decided to see if I could make a new work form sections of  ‘under construction forever’ which was in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery at the end of last year. This piece comprises of 34 separate sections that were bolted together to form the piece in the museum (see posting below for details). It is, perhaps,in the spirit of the work and the title that it keeps on evolving ? The sculptural qualities of these ‘paintings’ are increasingly coming to the fore. Whilst installing the piece in Jago’s house it was free standing in the middle of the hallway ; with the light streaming through.

See jago’s diary blast

Pippa Blakes House in Hampshire


Kestle Barton Residency Feb/March 2011

Kestle Barton , south side of the Helford River on the Lizard.

Artist in Residence

‘Under Construction for Ever’ 10th November 2010 – 2nd January 2011 in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

This series of images documents my contribution to the Plinth Project in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

I have posted images from the beginning of the whole making process in the studio to installation and the completed work in situ. Also go to Robert Manners’ website and the CONTAINER site for more .

COMPLETED WORK IN THE MUSEUM     (takes 2.5 days to install)                    10 / 11 / 10

Installation Work . Monday 8/11/10 – Wednesday 10/11/10

COMPLETED in the Studio ~ about Wednesday 3rd November (below)

Sunday 24th October 2010

Tuesday 12th October 2010

Tuesday  6th October 2010

Sunday 3 October 2010

Friday 17/9/10

Thursday 16/9/10

Wednesday 15/9/10

Tuesday 14/9/10

Monday 13/9/10 – construction underway

UFC 13/9/10

August 2010

The plinth + wall taped up in the studio ~ about 2.5m2 in all

plinth space taped out

THE PLINTH- Bristol Museum & Art Gallery